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Jail Advertising Network (Formerly known as Partners for a Safer America) was launched in 1999, with the purpose of providing financial support and resources to those who keep our communities safe. We believe that well-funded jails are an essential part of our daily lives – even though we don’t know it or rarely think about it.

Since our inception, we have seen downturns in the economy lead to more severe financial issues for jails than ever before. Jails are being asked to do so much more with so much less. Our purpose is to provide jail administrators with a solution to help meet their ever-increasing financial needs and overcome shortfalls from lack of government funding or changes in legislation that limit means of revenue.

We currently provide financial assistance to a wide-range of jail partners in California and continue to extend our partnership network nationwide. Our corporate officers and Board of Directors are neither practicing criminal defense attorneys nor active bail bond agents. However, they share a collective concern that jails and law enforcement agencies are properly supported.

To that aim, we offer a proven track record of success in providing fair, affordable, and equal opportunity advertising to qualified bail bond agencies and criminal defense attorneys in the form of signboards that can be installed in local and county jails.

As a neutral and non-competitive third party, we act as a liaison between jail administrators and advertisers to ensure a win-win solution that benefits all interested parties. We provide manufacturing, marketing, maintenance, and management of all elements of the jail advertising signboard program. Law enforcement agencies receive a significant portion of the proceeds, and advertisers maximize the return on their investment by having a presence where potential clients will be most likely to see their ads.

Consumers are provided with access to wider choice of qualified bail agents and criminal defense attorneys.
Our program addresses many issues associated with providing inmates their rights to access bail agencies and lawyers and ensures advertisers obtain non-preferential access to detainees. We have received strong support from the California State Legislature, California Department of Insurance, and city councils and boards of supervisors across the country. We are adept and prepared to drive compliance with current advertising legal requirements and standards.

The Jail Advertising Network Mission

We support law enforcement by providing jail facilities discretionary revenue, on a recurring basis, with little to no operational impact and no front investment.

Customer Testimonials

Jail Facility – Kristie Meeks

“...due to overcrowding concerns, the bond information, being readily available in as many intake areas as possible, has provided more immediate answers to questions that arrestees may have. The officers all feel this makes things easier for people to secure their release, cuts down on confusion and lengthy waits for answers to questions...

Advertiser – Jim Camacho

“Yes, the [JAN] Jail Signboards have made a big difference in having a fair advantage for bail bond agents. Your service has eliminated the favoritism and politics found in some jail facilities. I am fortunate to be included in the Jail Signboard program.” Jimmy Camacho 1st...

Jail Facility – Laura Flowers

“We have been working with the Jail Signboard program for many years and have been quite happy with the product and service. It is an easy and simple program (we are a small agency) and the revenue is wonderful. Partners for a Safer America (Jail Advertising Network) is a fair...

Jail Facility – Paul Alexander

"...we have seen a 22% increase in bonds (inmates bonded out) and roughly a 35-40% increase in bond calls / inquiries – your program sincerely works….Hopefully this type of feed-back will be instrumental in recruiting new bond companies to subscribe to your service and...

Jail Facility – Lt. Gregg Clifton

“Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department is pleased to partner with Partners for a Safer America (Jail Advertising Network), who provides professional looking bail bond agency board advertisements for all of our jail facilities. This service is free to us and provides a great...

Advertiser – Chris Castro

“I want to take a moment to thank you for the excellent job you are doing with the Jail Signboard advertising program. Your program is a safe, cost-efficient way for licensed bail bond agents to advertise directly to our target audience while giving the inmate audience a...

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