Our Products

We offer several types of signboards, including a hard-plastic encasement with foam board inserts, a clear film panel for window displays, laminated paper hand-held signs, and wall mounted television/monitor displays. All encasements come in designated sizes, but our production department can accommodate special needs.

Plastic Encasement

Hard-Plastic Encasements

Our encasements are made of shatter resistant plastic and clear plastic covers and are mounted with specifically designed screws to ensure that our product is tamper resistant. The tools needed to maintain the signboards and instructions on their use are provided to our jail partners at no cost. Each hard-plastic encasement comes with a foam board insert that displays all the ads.

Window Cling

Window Cling Display

Our clear plastic cling signboards come printed in reverse so they can be placed on the staff side of the glass, while providing inmates and jail staff with an unobstructed view of the window displays, even in high security pod type areas.

Hand Sign

Hand-Held Signs

Laminated or plain paper hand-held signs can be used in areas where inmates cannot view window or wall-mounted signs. These signs also serve well to be provided to disabled inmates.



Wall mounted digital television/monitor displays. Available upon request. This option may require additional wiring and facility setup.

Service Details

Your facility may need one signboard or several, ranging across our different product types. You might want to have signboards in your lobby, booking area, holding tank, inmate pod, or only a portion of these areas. We can accommodate your needs, whatever they may be.

Our only requirement is that at least one encasement style signboard be placed in the lobby of each facility to provide all advertisers with an opportunity to view their ads.

Advertising Qualifications

The qualifications and limitations to advertise with us are set by the local Sheriff and Jail Commander. Restrictions can range from “bail agencies must be geographically capable of responding within one hour of receiving a call” to “bail agency must have a local telephone number listed in their ad.” These qualifications should not restrict First Amendment rights, but we want to accommodate the standards of the jails outside of this contingency. We require that advertising does not contain images of guns, weapons, fighting scenes, or indecent/immoral behavior.

Advertising Specifications

Advertisers are allowed one equal sized space for each properly licensed bail agency or trade name; this is defined by the state insurance department. In some states, an individual can be licensed and operate under their own name and other “fictitious” names.

Jail Advertising Network verifies trade names with the Department of Insurance prior to approving the bail agencies for placement on the signboards. We also require each bail bond agency owner to sign an individual ad contract guaranteeing his/her performance under the terms outlined by local law enforcement agencies as well as the accuracy of the information provided us.

Customer Testimonials

Jail Facility – Kristie Meeks

“...due to overcrowding concerns, the bond information, being readily available in as many intake areas as possible, has provided more immediate answers to questions that arrestees may have. The officers all feel this makes things easier for people to secure their release, cuts down on confusion and lengthy waits for answers to questions...

Jail Facility – Laura Flowers

“We have been working with the Jail Signboard program for many years and have been quite happy with the product and service. It is an easy and simple program (we are a small agency) and the revenue is wonderful. Partners for a Safer America (Jail Advertising Network) is a fair...

Advertiser – Chris Castro

“I want to take a moment to thank you for the excellent job you are doing with the Jail Signboard advertising program. Your program is a safe, cost-efficient way for licensed bail bond agents to advertise directly to our target audience while giving the inmate audience a...

Jail Facility – Lt. Gregg Clifton

“Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department is pleased to partner with Partners for a Safer America (Jail Advertising Network), who provides professional looking bail bond agency board advertisements for all of our jail facilities. This service is free to us and provides a great...

Advertiser – Jim Camacho

“Yes, the [JAN] Jail Signboards have made a big difference in having a fair advantage for bail bond agents. Your service has eliminated the favoritism and politics found in some jail facilities. I am fortunate to be included in the Jail Signboard program.” Jimmy Camacho 1st...

Jail Facility – Paul Alexander

"...we have seen a 22% increase in bonds (inmates bonded out) and roughly a 35-40% increase in bond calls / inquiries – your program sincerely works….Hopefully this type of feed-back will be instrumental in recruiting new bond companies to subscribe to your service and...

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