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Jail Advertising Network has, since 1999, been a valuable partner to local jail facilities, as well as Criminal Defense Attorneys, and Bail Agents. Our program is a comprehensive solution that provides revenue directly back to local county sheriff’s and city jail facilities, through an arrestee resource and advertising program aimed at providing quality advertising options to criminal defense attorneys bail agents, as well as quality resources for arrestees.

Program Highlights:

  • Assemble and create informational and advertisement listings for local criminal defense attorneys and bail agents.
  • Through several medium options (chosen by the jail), those listings and resources or provided to the jail for display and distribution inside the jail facility.
  • The program operates on a 6-month cycle. However, information accuracy is monitored everyday by Jail Advertising Network.
  • With a commitment to fairness and quality, Jail Advertising Network has several operations that remove any preferential treatment and even carry insurance policies to further protect the jail facilities.

Jail Facilities:

With millions and millions of dollars shared back to local jails, Jail Advertising Network’s program offers tremendous revenue improvements to your local facility. Further, providing quality informational resources to arrestees, improvements in overcrowding efforts, and decreased hassle and work-load on jail staff members.

Bail Agents:

Our jail signboard program provides an opportunity to have your advertisement placed directly inside the local jail facility. Our program is aimed at providing a level playing field for all local bail agents, as well as an incredibly effective advertising program.

Criminal Defense Attorneys:

Acquire new clients and grow your business with the opportunity to place your experience, expertise and information inside the local jail facilities. Truly getting your contact information in front of potential clients, right when they need you the most.

Customer Testimonials

Jail Facility – Kristie Meeks

“...due to overcrowding concerns, the bond information, being readily available in as many intake areas as possible, has provided more immediate answers to questions that arrestees may have. The officers all feel this makes things easier for people to secure their release, cuts down on confusion and lengthy waits for answers to questions...

Advertiser – Chris Castro

“I want to take a moment to thank you for the excellent job you are doing with the Jail Signboard advertising program. Your program is a safe, cost-efficient way for licensed bail bond agents to advertise directly to our target audience while giving the inmate audience a...

Jail Facility – Laura Flowers

“We have been working with the Jail Signboard program for many years and have been quite happy with the product and service. It is an easy and simple program (we are a small agency) and the revenue is wonderful. Partners for a Safer America (Jail Advertising Network) is a fair...

Jail Facility – Paul Alexander

"...we have seen a 22% increase in bonds (inmates bonded out) and roughly a 35-40% increase in bond calls / inquiries – your program sincerely works….Hopefully this type of feed-back will be instrumental in recruiting new bond companies to subscribe to your service and...

Advertiser – Jim Camacho

“Yes, the [JAN] Jail Signboards have made a big difference in having a fair advantage for bail bond agents. Your service has eliminated the favoritism and politics found in some jail facilities. I am fortunate to be included in the Jail Signboard program.” Jimmy Camacho 1st...

Jail Facility – Lt. Gregg Clifton

“Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department is pleased to partner with Partners for a Safer America (Jail Advertising Network), who provides professional looking bail bond agency board advertisements for all of our jail facilities. This service is free to us and provides a great...

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